Hello, My name is Victor Buffon, I'm from Brazil and play Tribal Wars for several years.
I want to propose to you a translation of the page to Portuguese, it will greatly help players of Brazil and Portugal.
I know this resource Tribal Wars is not as widely used, but there are a few tools that we have no other sites (TWStats, TWMaps, etc..) As the Attack Planner, which is very useful as it shows you the exact time and chronometer, indicating the exact time of launching the attack and among other features.

I was wondering if it is possible to translate this site ( for the Portuguese, and if you need, I pledge to translate or help you ...

thank you
Regards: Victor Buffon

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Erstellt am 16. Juli 2013 17:49:47
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Keine 5. September 2014 07:36:14

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Keine 7. September 2014 13:11:54

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Keine 9. September 2014 11:24:10

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Keine 9. September 2014 21:49:25

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