What is TWplus?

Tribal Wars plus (short: TWplus) is a community page for the webbrowser-bases online game "Tribalwars".
Major part of this site are many usefull tools, which help the visitor to get a better overview on other players and allies. For example history charts of points of opponents can be viewed, positions of other allies on the whole world map can be displayed or attack reports can be archived for presentation to other players. There are nearly endless opportunities in the usage of these tools.
All in all we offer around 20 of such smaller or bigger applications, to prettify the everyday life of a TW-Gamer. ;-)

More information can be found at the main site of each language version.

Language area Number of active worlds Main site of language area at Tribalwars Main site of language area at TWplus
부족 전쟁 24
Die Stämme 54
Die Stämme 179
Divoké Kmene 60
Divoké-Kmeny 70
Genčių karai 38
Guerras tribales 61
Guerre Tribale 62
Klanhaboru 63
Klanlar 58
Perang Kaum 20
Plemena 16
Plemena 35
Plemiona 148
Tribals 58
Tribal Wars 42
Tribal Wars 43
Tribal Wars 34
Tribal Wars 22
Tribal Wars 38
Tribal Wars 55
Tribal Wars 50
Tribal Wars 83
Tribal Wars 76
Tribal Wars 100
Tribal Wars Masters 5
Tribos 70
Triburile 75
Vojna Plemen 35
حرب القبائل 60
Φυλετικές Μάχες 64
Война племён 65